Betrothed to A Charlatan Preacher
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Betrothed to A Charlatan Preacher

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I do not know why he spared me. Was I next? I do not know but what I do know is sociopaths and psychopaths are real. I have seen one, loved one, and temporarily lived with one. You must understand that they look very human, express emotions (fake), are great manipulators, wear great outfits, and even preach Sunday sermons. You may be living with one, related to one, and even loving one. You never know. Watch out, stay safe and investigate your own childhood. See, do you have any vulnerabilities that could predispose you to such people. I have, and here is my story from my childhood until I found out my fiancé was a cold-blooded murderer.
Mr. Pounds and I’m not gonna dignify you by calling you Rev. Pounds, you didn’t earn that you are a liar, you are a manipulator, and frankly, you are an outright Charlatan.” - Bibb County Superior Judge Howard Z. Simms- Bibb County Superior Judge Howard Z. Simms

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