Change Your Thinking, Transform Your Life: Using Emotions and Logic
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Change Your Thinking, Transform Your Life: Using Emotions and Logic

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Change your Thinking, Transform your Life
How to use Emotions and Logic
I’m sure that you’ve said this statement to yourself at least once in your life, “I wish I knew then what I know now” This statement is connected to your growth. Our initial experiences in life come from nurturing. As we get older, our routines and behaviors are molded through interactions with nature, social and cultural experiences. Understanding that our behavior is a product of our environment, we can also create and formulate new ones. Especially if we desire different results or outcomes. Creating positive changes in our lives requires new thoughts and habits. To do so we must use emotions and logic. Change your thinking, transform your life is about understanding our own behaviors. And this is no easy task. Like the Sun, our mind fires thoughts from our inner core to the outside world. The Sun is a Star; composed of Helium and Hydrogen gases. Through a process of nuclear fusion, these gases create energy. We experience the effects of this energy in the form of heat and light. Our solar system, needs the Sun. Without which our life here on planet Earth will cease. The same can be said of our mind. Our thoughts fuse together at higher frequencies and energies. And we experience them through emotions, routines and behaviors. Hence our personality traits, characters and predictable behavioral patterns.
Therefore, to create new routines and behaviors, we must interrupt our thinking process. Our conscious mind is active while a wake and controls our actions based on predetermine patterns of behavior embedded in our subconscious mind. For example, we don’t keep count of how many times we blink, and we can chew gum and walk at the same time. We learn a new skill with intense focused repetitive steps. But once that new skill is memorized, it becomes routine. And this routine forms a habit. Our subconscious mind embeds this habit as a behavior making it our second nature. Think about driving for example, once we’ve learned how to drive, we are likely to perform with exercise without consciously thinking about it. We can drive while talking on the phone ‘don’t do it’, eat a happy meal, and sing along to our favorite tunes until we arrive at our destinations.
Our mind is wired to learn and form new habits. When seeking change, we must recognize the need to question our mind by evaluating our own actions and proclivities. Unfortunately, most of us do not seek change until its too late. And that explains addictive behaviors perfectly. Are you experiencing frustration, discouragement and failure? You need to transform your mind using emotions and logic. Fear triggers negative emotions while motivation triggers positive emotions. This book discusses strategies we can use to visualize, practice mindfulness, journal, affirm, attract, create, manifest and form new habits. Change your thinking, transform your life.

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