Immigrant's Silent Struggle
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Immigrant's Silent Struggle

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“My worries will be over if only I can get to America!” This was all Kwesi Asamane dreamed about while battling the foiling and turmoil in his native home-Ghana. Overcoming insurmountable odds, he arrives in America on a partial college scholarship. His enthusiasm and hope of the newly found freedom to pursue his dreams entails, grueling combats and unswerving expositions. Soon Kwesi’s hopes are sequentially masked and, in their place, cynicism takes residence as his faith erodes and ambition fades. Cerebrally spent and alienated, estranged, and withdrawn, Kwesi reaches for the simple life he once knew, but returning to his native-Ghana is no eat al fresco. Expectations are unreasonable and traces of his assimilated American culture suddenly surfaces making him a foreigner among his own people. Dithering betwixt dissimilar cultures, Kwesi must choose whether to return to his contemporary views of civility and persuasions in his adopted American home or unwind the hands of time to reconnect with his ancestral beliefs. While in contemplation, tragedy triggers a purgation; everything changes, Kwesi must belong but where? And to whom?


Kosi Tette is often described as having a knack for telling profound stories with a twist of humor. Silent Struggle, gives a voice to the unspoken stories and lived experiences of Africans in Diaspora, as well providing insight into the hidden treasures of social, communal, and cultural diversity. Kosi Tette is a native of Ghana, West Africa. Currently resides in Michigan, a member of Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE), a Technology Enthusiast, a Multilingual, Social Economical and Diversity Scholar, and a Raconteur. Mr. Tette earned a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University and holds respective master’s degrees in Engineering and Business Administration from Purdue University, Indiana and the University of Michigan Business School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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