Defending Your Faith in a Secular World: Be as Harmless as a Dove and as wise as a Serpent
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Defending Your Faith in a Secular World: Be as Harmless as a Dove and as wise as a Serpent

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Every 100 years or so, our culture redefines its values and morals. At one point, we believed that heart surgery was an act of playing God by extending life, blood transfusion was frowned upon, race defined who we married, and humans interacted based on language and geographical locations. As late as the 18th and early 19th centuries, men were considered superior to women and people of color were deemed not as intelligent; in some circles, not even human. Sad but true. With time, these concepts have not only changed, but evolved. Even with resistance from secularly driven supremacy battles, Christianity as a religion, has been able to shape and mold our acceptance as both being human regardless of our diversified skin colors and with equal rights and privileges as Children of One-God. However, the secular world, continues to create new challenges with every passing generation. We now contend with whether life is defined at birth or at conception; and if abortion is an act of murder. Advancement in medicine raises new questions about human cloning and stem-cell research, and the on-going debate of medically assisted suicides “end of life” determination for terminally ill patients. What about political and philosophical differences, economic wars, and distribution of wealth? And this is just a start. Christians will continue to face a myriad of challenges in this dispensation and beyond. So, what becomes of Christianity? If we are to sway by every wind of doctrine, philosophical change and subscribe to every new wave of cultural shift, will the savor in our Christian faith hold? This book focuses on how Christian believers can defend their faith in a secular culture. From the scriptures, God is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. And with that in mind, we must equip ourselves in Godly-faith and stand firm in defense of that which we know to be righteous and of a good report.
Faith is a message created in our mind in the form of an image about the things we desire. Faith is the capacity to turn our thoughts into a vision using hope as fuel. Faith is the instigator that propels dreams into actionable steps that yield visible results. This book is about defending your faith in a secular culture. Its about being counter-intuitive to the popular culture. We all have faith, we need faith and the application of faith has no variance. Hope is our common denominator when the going gets tough. Our Christian Faith comes from one source—God. In this book, you’ll learn the simple yet hidden secrets of what it means to live by faith and not by sight. It is written and grounded in biblical principles and sound doctrine. Its contents are informative, educative, enlightening and full of faith. And as you read it, God will unleash His secret weapon called; Faith. Together we will discover how the secular culture operates and how we can defend our faith in these trying times. You and I are so ready for victory in our lives and this is our new beginning. God has an exciting plan for our lives. Whether we are at the very beginning, midway or nearing the end, life is an amazing experience. Turn your sickness to health, weeping to laughter, victim to victor, poverty to wealth, failure to success and sinning to righteousness.

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