Dewey Dandee Hopes To Storm The Galaxy
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Dewey Dandee Hopes To Storm The Galaxy

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Richard Evans, a writer born in New York City and raised in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn was drawn to music at an early age. After becoming a DJ he later on became a lyricist and hip hop music producer. He realized that today's youth were lacking positive messages and images that they can actually relate to and feel good about. After some years, Richard met up with Dale Wilburg who was not a stranger to writing himself and in 2008 they teamed up to form the RichDale Inc. In order to combine vast ideas, they created a wonderful children's book series for youngsters of different ages. After reading their stories to children in various after school programs they would get an authentic response and the feedback was out of this world!

Rich and Dale supplemented their children's book series as one of the latest writing teams which incorporates reading rhythm with an innovative, colorful style. So, the idea was to create a series of characters to transform the way kids build a positive self-image. "It's almost like they are learning how to rhyme while reading and visually the images are captivating", says Richard. With several children's stories and simply two down to earth guys "RichDale Tales" was born. Dale says, "Coinciding with everything that is new, hot and fresh! Having three boys myself, I continuously reinforce the importance of reading to my sons."

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