Grams and Tam: Are Very Best Friends
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Grams and Tam: Are Very Best Friends

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Born on October 18, 1967 to Joseph and Sandra Ware, I am the sixth of seven children, and a mother of four children. Educated by my parents first, then placed into the Detroit Public School System I began to take responsibility for my own education. After high school I was recruited into the United States Army by my father (Joseph L. Ware) who served as a recruiter at the time. I served eight years in the military. I served in Desert Storm and Honduras. I am a proud veteran who faithfully served my country with honor and integrity. Shortly after being honorably discharged I furthered my education at The Specs Howard School of Media Arts where I studied radio and television Broadcasting. From there I went on to Saint Mary's College of Ave Maria University. There I earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications. It was there I developed a passion for writing. Combining my experiences from school, the military and the teachings of my parents, I learned the value of having a true friendship and I would like to share that with others, especially small children throughout the world on how they can make a friend and have someone special in their lives whom which they can trust and share everything with. After all friendships are very important. You can get through anything in life - especially when you have a friend in which you can depend on.

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