The Believers Guide to Wealth: Wealth, Debt Free Living and Estate Planning
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The Believers Guide to Wealth: Wealth, Debt Free Living and Estate Planning

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I started the Certified Financial Planners coursework at North Carolina State University and some of the information used came from my classwork in preparation for the CFP exam at NC State University. Perhaps from my own personal study and the attempt to be good at the profession of a financial planner, contributed more than any other reference source. My tenure as a representative with Triad Executive Planners set the groundwork for my experience in this business. The work we did to help people see the light about life insurance, retirement, and planning for life is beyond reward. It is a fulfillment that goes deep into living life itself. The many people I’ve met over the years and some who became my clients and as well as my business associates. A well worthwhile experience and journey that has shaped my perspective in many ways in
life. It has found a lodging place deep in my heart and even now I counsel folk on making good choices about financial matters. Get the facts! I am proud to produce this on behalf of all the representatives who have given their all to help families without regard to commission priority. I applaud you and your company! We have a lot of work remaining while families are still under-insured but strapped to pay for adequate coverage because of the type of coverage and the lack of the representative’s ability to do better. In Forbes Magazine March 2015, there was a graph showing the percentage of wealthy folk (9%); upper middle class; lower middle class; middle class; and poor. What a travesty. Seems like poverty is both planned and a choice. Planned by the wealthy by not sharing the wealth building information with those who, if given the same opportunity on a level playing field, would prosper also. It is my sincere desire that this work will at least begin a dialogue among those who desire a different financial lifestyle. There is still hope and a chance. Effect a Change!

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