The Game She Plays: Dating & Marriage
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The Game She Plays: Dating & Marriage

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“The Game She Plays,” uncovers the illusional and delusional aspects of manipulation as well as; the truth behind why men breakup, ghost long-term relationships, divorce and avoid commitment. Information contained in this book, bears the brunt of truth as it relates to the root causes of manipulation, formulation, and the net effect it has on relationships. In addition, helpful insights are provided on how to control or cure the tendency to serially manipulate. Lies and manipulation are not the same. People lie to hide their shame but manipulate to hide their selfish truest intentions. In relationships, manipulation is a habitual tendency to test a partner, lover and or a friend by exploring or taking advantage of their vulnerabilities to satisfy or meet one's own selfish needs.
Are you ready to date, court, engage and or marry? By reading this book you'll learn how to; develop boundaries, error proof your relationship from any form of manipulation, establish a unique bond with your partner, spouse and or lover, improve communication, develop trust and authentic perspectives that lead to a long-term relationships and a marriage if you so desire. In this book nothing is held back, truth is painful but must be confronted, healing is necessary for progress and by embracing your truth, life and love is pleasurable and fulfilling.

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