The Strength of a Woman
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The Strength of a Woman

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During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Aretha Duncan was an outreach Community Health Network of Connecticut. During these years, she also made many contributions to the community both domestically and internationally outside of Social Service role. She is the Founding member of Windsor Rovers Soccer Club Whose mission is to support inner city youths through community organization, providing support to single parents by teaching the importance of physical fitness and proper nutrition in Hartford, CT. Aretha was awarded “Leader of the Year” in 1998. She is also the founding member of Human Capital International that champions humanitarian aid to Africa, in particular Nigeria. Has provided medical care to 6,780 Nigerians utilizing the service of 42 doctors and other medical professionals from National Youth Service Corps. Water wells were dug in villages so that people could have access to safe drinking water. Her efforts have been recognized by President Obasanjo of Nigeria , and was featured on several news publications, including the Hartford Courant. Attended A Round Table on President Bush’s Administration Policy and U.S./Africa Trade and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa” attendees included, Ambassador Jabril Aminu of Nigeria, Ambassador Yusuf Nzibo of Kenya, Rosa Whitaker, assistant U.S. trade representative for Africa, Dr. Jendayi Frazier, director for Africa at the National Security Council, Adam Taylor of the Harvard AIDS Institute, and Silih Booke, Director of the African Policy Information Center.
While spending time in Africa and Caribbean, Aretha collaborated with many indigenous groups. These groups introduced and educated her on the properties and benefits gained from natural herbs which they have used for centuries. For several years afterwards, she studied and researched various medicinal herbs that focused on boosting energy, improving concentration, and enhancing drive. Eventually she developed a special blend of herbs which became, “Champion Gorilla”.
The Book..
One of my earliest recollections of my grandfather is that he was a coffee farmer. The farm area where the coffee trees are grown is always dark due to the large Ackee and Guango trees and thick clusters of coffee trees not to mention the mosquitoes, especially during the rainy season, which is from September to November. The coffee trees are tall and slender, with many small branches on which the coffee berries are grown. The trees are harvested once a year and twice per month. My grandfather would gather all the older children from the community and able-bodied family members to assist with harvesting the coffee berries...

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