When It Rains It Pours: The Perfect Storm
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When It Rains It Pours: The Perfect Storm

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I was an innocent boy, naïve, but I had a heart to do better each day. I was tormented by my own failures and disappointments, and in fear, let the world box me in and bully me. However, I could never hate people in their destruction; we are all monster and beauty. As I grew, the only way to unravel my stubborn mind was through affliction: it is good that I have been afflicted. Troubles do not determine whether a man is innocent or guilty; the more he finds himself desiring to do good, the more of an injustice he becomes in this dying world. The more I lowered my moral standards to fit in with the people I loved, the more of an injustice I became to myself. What, then, was I to do if neither here nor there, were a lesser consequence? The more I acknowledged the rain, the more it poured. It is the dead man who died before he was dead that seeks to devour the living. I lived and learned that there is more inside of me than outside. I had to understand that understanding is a privilege, not for the weak, but the diligent who pay attention to the details of life without analyzing so much that they are desensitized from the truth. The truth will never fail to justify itself. All I had to do was have a willing mind and eventually I saw with my own eyes. Now that I have seen, I see better with my eyes closed. Now that I have endured, I am stronger when I am humble. Now that I understand that not everything needs to be understood until its rightful time, I can finally breathe. I write to you because a man cannot contain his own Glory without that Glory becoming toxic to his body. We must internalize what we suffer and then express it in a manner where someone else can understand and hunger no more. When you fail to manage who you are, you can easily become prey to self-destruct. If you fail to yoke freedom to boundary, you will lose that freedom in foreign seas.
You will experience GROWTH and WISDOM with me as I take you on a LIFE CHANGING journey that will transform your mind. You will no longer be mentally oppressed, and the hurricane of emotions twisting on the inside of you will finally reach land…a place of PEACE. At the end of it all, you will find out that success is defined in the Valley of Uncertainty, and not on the Mountains Peak of Knowledge. Treasure is discovered not on earth, but in the earthen vessels wandering about, searching for soil to take root in.

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